A committed team

Creative people who take their mission at heart

We are conscious-minded entrepreneurs, motivated by the dream
of offering a school fit to meet the needs and challenges of its era
to students, educators and their communities.

Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

Communication advisor

Passionate about education and intercultural relations, Alexane experiences conscious entrepreneurship on a daily basis since her youngest years, since she graduated from the world’s first entrepreneurial community school.

Corinne Germain

Conscious entrepreneurship advisor

Always working with passion and commitment, Corinne is involved in a variety of ways in the development of educational entrepreneurship, in addition to coaching other teachers improving their pedagogical practices.

Denis Lyonnais

Advisor in school-family-community partnerships

Mr. Lyonnais made his career in education where he acted as the director of l’École des parents. He also contributed for several years to the development and promotion of the school-family-community concept in Québec.

Éric Bilodeau


Éric acted as a financial and legal affairs vice-president for many years, which allowed him to gain practical experience in entrepreneurship in Québec. According to him, entrepreneurial education will enable the emergence of an entrepreneurial spirit and foster tomorrow’s investments.

Francis Beauchemin


Successful leader in innovation and implementation of intelligent solutions, Francis has worked for over 20 years in the high-tech and telecommunication industries. His determination to contribute to youth development led him to be involved in Idea entrepreneurial education.

François Gérin-Lajoie


François benefits from more than 40 years of experience in funding, marketing and cooperation at the international level. Inspired by the masterful work in education of his father Paul Gérin-Lajoie, he is happy to have become the first president of Idea entrepreneurial education.

Jean-Sébastien Reid

Deputy executive director

Committed partner in the development of the entrepreneurial community school (ECS) for over 17 years, Jean-Sébastien is an experienced educator in innovation and technologies as well as in entrepreneurial education.

Jocelyn Guy

Technology advisor

During his 20 years of making a career in the technologies, Jocelyn demonstrated his sense of responsibility and his resourcefulness, qualities that still characterize him in his professional activities. His knowledge and efficiency make him a versatile resource for Idea entrepreneurial education.

Lynda Jetté

Administrative assistant

Lynda Jetté came naturally to education when she was a mere youngster. For Mrs. Jetté, it is crucial to keep in touch with what the greatest richness of a community: its children. She joined the team of Idea entrepreneurial education with pride and enthusiasm.

Louis-Jacques Filion

Entrepreneurship consultant

Louis Jacques Filion is the chair of the Rogers-J.A. Bombardier. He is professor of entrepreneurship at HEC MONTREAL, the Montreal Business School. He has a broad professional experience in entrepreneurship and management.

Louis-Thomas Drapeau

International development advisor

Louis-Thomas could benefit from the first and foremost conscious entrepreneurship initiatives since he graduated in 2001 from the elementary school Cœur-Vaillant. He is currently working on a project about the organization’s international perspectives.

Marc Giguère

School governance advisor

Marc Giguère has over 30 years of experience in the field of education and school administration. His experience in coaching and training school principals is a great asset for Idée éducation entrepreneuriale.

Patrick Pierard

Director of OIECEC

A specialist in continuing education, Patrick Piérard has held senior positions in Québec schools (Canada), for over 20 years. He also acts as a consultant for international partners.

Rino Lévesque

Founder and strategic advisor

Author and creator of the ECS, Rino has been interested in educational innovation and entrepreneurship for more than 25 years. Motivated by quality education, Mr. Lévesque is convinced that it is possible to bring great dreams to life.

Roy J. Dove

Executive Director

For more than forty years, Roy has been working in the field of education and management. His areas of expertise are vast and go from the development of an organizational culture of collaboration to skill-building.

Sophie Nadeau-Tremblay

Conscious entrepreneurship advisor

Sophie Nadeau-Tremblay has been a teacher at the primary school level for 20 years and plays an active role towards the entrepreneurial culture. Combining practice with research in education, she participates in various projects.

Sylvie Nadon

Development advisor for Southeast Asia

Sylvie Nadon has been involved for over thirty years in the field of education, vocational training and qualification of the workforce. She brings to Idea entrepreneurial education a complementary expertise in project development and international partnerships.

Sylvie Nadon

Conseillère au développement pour l'Asie du Sud-Est

Oeuvrant depuis plus de 30 ans à titre de spécialiste et de gestionnaire en éducation, Sylvie apporte à l’organisation une expertise complémentaire en développement de projets et de partenariats.

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