Sébastien Ratté

Conscious entrepreneurship advisor

With an experience of twenty years in education at the elementary level in disadvantaged neighborhoods, Sébastien is convinced that academic success can be achieved through entrepreneurial education. Entreprenership, empowerment and leadership are important premises that he carries in his professional community.

Driven by everything relating to entrepreneurial education, more particularly the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture, Sébastien got involved as a board member for a network of entrepreneurial schools. He took part in Regional tables on entrepreneurship and contributed to the organization of events that promote entrepreneurial education initiatives in all levels of education.

Bringing together his experience and his enthusiasm, Sébastien worked for several years as the regional associate leader for a network of entrepreneurial schools. He then supported school communities in the deployment of an entrepreneurial culture. He is still involved in this position and works together with an entrepreneurial education consultant.

Year after year, his group of students, is a fertile ground where a number of entrepreneurial initiatives are born. And often these initiatives have to do with sustainable development. Sébastien also hold the position of lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke.

Promoting entrepreneurial education to the teachers while supporting school communities to allow young people to go off the beaten tracks, to undertake projects, to empower themselves and to succeed: this is a way for Sébastien to build innovation and make our dreams come true!