An idea, a school, a dream: a reality

Each school has the potential to change the world.
Our team of educators helps transform this dream into reality, and link it to the one supported and pursued by
each entrepreneurial community schools (ECS) throughout the world.

Conscious (educational) entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial, innovative and enterprising people,
aware of the impact of their entrepreneurship on oneself, others and the environment.

A committed civic culture.

Quantifying our influence

An idea coming to the forefront








happy youth and educators

An IDEA that stands out

Happiness at school

A school life that generates enthusiasm and wonderment among students, teachers and the community, thus leading to a greater commitment.

Overall well-being

A school that regenerates undermined and broken equilibria by contributing, from all point of view, to the well-being of students, teachers and community.

Quality support services

A flexible, rigorous and personalized approach to help you successfully and truly transform your school.

School-Family-Community environment

A comprehensive educational project based on alliances to be built and strengthened between the school and its socioeconomic environment, an educational community dedicated to sustainable growth.

Educational entrepreneurship

An educational approach that fits right into the existing school curriculum while developing a entrepreneurial skills, strengths, attitudes and qualities for youth to become open-minded and fully developed citizens.


The effective and responsible use of, as well as the development of critical analysis with regards to new technologies in order to be able to function and thrive in a complex and interconnected world.

Succeeding in school and in life

A school organization and an innovative pedagogy
leading to success in literacy, numeracy, sciences, history, geography
and all academic subjects.

And to success in one’s professional and personal life.
This is the most fundamental idea.

Entrepreneurial qualities and attitudes

An idea that transforms every student

A significant proportion of students having experienced projects in conscious entrepreneurship consider that this approach fosters the development of a comprehensive exit profile, in particular by means of developing the following qualities and attitudes:




Team spirit




Sense of responsibilities


Constant quest for innovation


Cultural pride


What they say about their dream school

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