Become an ECE

A school and
community choice

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community School is a choice; the choice of a school-team, its educational community and its partners. Its success is based on the commitment and the capacity of these stakeholders to work on the goals they have set for themselves, together and under the leadership of the institution.

You have questions? You want to learn more? You wish to become an entrepreneurial community school?

Reflection, adaptation, independence


The academic institutions that want to become an Entrepreneurial Community School have access to a formal agreement for implementation as well as continued support from the Idea entrepreneurial education team. This support is done through thorough thought, the appropriation of concepts and academic tools, in the elaboration and execution of the training plan and the development of independence. It takes shape through a physical presence in the institution, long-distance communication, specific consulting mandates or timely reports on the progress and recommendations. It is a progressive, significant and gratifying process, as much for the managers and the partners as the students.

Each school is unique, each goes at its own pace

It is based on the premise that each school institution is unique and free to choose its own implementation process. No one runs! The development of an ECS is based first and foremost on thorough discussions, at the heart of which we find the experience and the achievements of the school-team. No institution start from scratch.

Discover the support programs

Our team works according to this mantra: get familiarized with the subject, support and learn:

1. Get familiarized

We propose that the institutions build trust for one another.

2. Support

It is the school who chooses and leads while we remain at their side, allowing them to steer their own boat.

3. Learn together

Given that no one knows it all and that each culture has its own knowledge base, we put ourselves at the same level as the institution, which is implementing conscious entrepreneurial pedagogy.

The ECE architecture

21 structuring components

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community School is a progressive and flexible process. The development of the model is achieved through the implementation of architecturally structuring components of the conscious entrepreneurial pedagogy. The order of such component can be modified at any point, depending on the speed at which the school is adapting the identification of various needs.

Many architecturally structuring components answer to universal concerns expressed by school and communities everywhere.  Some require the implication of community partners, such as the parents, in the case of elementary schools and high schools. The chosen components must be in synergy and contribute to the development of the exit profile.

Overall, 21 components can be implemented, according to the chosen support program:

  1. Culture, language and community
  2. Shared mobilizing leadership
  1. Environment and Sustainable Development
  2. Micro-chamber of commerce for conscious entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial youth
  3. Celebration of success stories in conscious entrepreneurship
  4. Entrepreneurial learning portfolio
  5. Self-guided entrepreneurial education formula
  6. Micro investment bank (micro funding) for conscious entrepreneurship projects
  7. Digital competence
  1. Skills plus – educating, socializing, qualifying
  2. Health plan and facilitated sports and health activities
  3. Healthy and safe environments
  4. Communication between school-family-community
  5. Supportive community structure
  6. Supplementary community services
  7. Educational marketing and recognition
  1. Ongoing follow-up system to monitor learner’s progress
  2. School progress monitoring