Help the visionary
emerge in you

We offer conferences upon request for schools, for school boards and for any organizations expressing the need or an interest to learn more on the values and objectives of the Entrepreneurial Community School and the culture of conscious-minded entrepreneurship. We have a collection of topics namely on the entrepreneurial community school and on educational innovation. Furthermore, conference themes can result from a specific request. Our conferences are varied and can be adapted to your own needs and context.

Expert speakers

For many years our founder, Rino Lévesque, has presented conferences with an energy level that manages to lift and carry his audience while raising awareness for the urgency of creating a school of its time. Based on the strength of his vast experience in the field of education, his conferences lead several people to share the idea “…of a school which they would have liked to attend when they were young” and to foresee there “…a dream school for their children”. These conferences paint images which inspire, are charged with emotion and help the visionary emerge in you. See Rino Lévesque’s biography.

School of the future and managing change in a digital age are themes that have always inspired Mario Asselin in the conferences that he presented in Quebec, in Canada and in France. He is the initiator in 2003 of one of the most successful experience of digital technology integration into school known as “Les cybercarnets de l’Institut Saint-Joseph”. The former school principal taps into his large expertise to positively influence the practices of teachers, managers and parents. As a dynamic, inspiring and visionary individual, this entrepreneur and educator will be able to motivate every audience interested in the only thing that is permanent in the education world: change! See Mario Asselin’s biography.

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