Differently and globally

The Entrepreneurial Community School proposes a modern, inclusive, responsible and humanist educational path. It is a new school, which operates in synergy with the community, allowing the children and the adults to learn differently, more in depth and globally.

It allows everyone to discover the best of themselves, to become aware of their self-worth, their skills and to bring out their passions. It invites the community stakeholders – as much the immediate educational community as the surrounding and widened communities – to work together in order to meet the needs, in a holistic education perspective, to contribute to a new social, economic and environmentally friendly equilibrium.

The culture of conscious entrepreneurship is an open door to harmonious human environments, a viable economy and the respect of its natural equilibrium, which regulate life. The ECS educates and trains learners in a perspective of conscious entrepreneurship according to two developmental aspects: personal and societal developments.

Personal development

The Entrepreneurial Community School develops, from an early age, an autonomous learning culture, which makes the student happy to learn, to empower himself or herself, be entrepreneurial, and create innovation.

Personal development is based on five principles:

The students develop their autonomy, their self-empowerment as well as their accountability towards society.

The student trusts himself or herself, identifies needs, and visualizes solutions and thinks outside of the box.

The student develops his or her vision, innovates and applies strategic management principles.

The student perceives himself or herself positively, in a balanced manner and is proud of his or her culture and his or her identity.

The student develops the physical, emotional, mental, creative, social, economic, moral, cultural and spiritual dimensions, which are the ten dimensions that are shared between all human beings.

The objective is to give everyone tools so that today at school and tomorrow in society, everyone will benefit from a healthy and happy life based on the educational, cultural, social and economic aspects.

Societal development

The Entrepreneurial Community School brings innovative answers to vital social issues. By creating a partnership with the academic institutions, the family and the community around a shared responsibility when it comes to education and training, the ECS allows us to act on social dimensions that are as varied as dropping-out of school, poverty, unemployment, inequality, health, addictions, emerging professionals, etc.

Societal development is based on three principles:

The school-community synergy creates solidarity, which allows the identification and understanding of needs and to seize the opportunities leading to solutions that make sense to everyone.

Understanding of the interconnectedness contributes to a new and balanced society – economy – ecology.

A socially responsible and humanist vision contributes to a fair prosperity and social justice.

Exit profile

Educational goals in conscious entrepreneurship

The pedagogical and educational approch brought forward within the entrepreneurial community school enables students and adults to develop assets that allow them to influence the development of their environment and their community:


Self-empowerment; Undertaking Projects; Creating Innovation consciously, responsibly, independently.


Cultural pride and identity; constant quest for innovation; community commitment.


Diagnosis, Motivation, Determination.


Self-esteem, curiosity, creativity, respect for others, team spirit, organizational skills, solidarity, sense of responsibility, initiative, ingenuity, leadership, entrepreneurial conscience, self-directed learner, empathy.


Go-getter, doer, project manager (of activities, projects and micro-businesses in conscious entrepreneurship).

NB. The three indicated roles are used as pedagogical tools supporting the development of entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, strengths and qualities.

This means something to you?

The entrepreneurial community school educates and trains ingenious emerging professionals among which there will be many entrepreneurs committed to their community. Predominantly, it trains independent citizens, who are accountable and who stand together, and live together differently in a collective well-being perspective.