Learning program

A coherent model

Each Entrepreneurial Community School, takes shape within the Conscious entrepreneurial learning program (CELP). The CELP allows an academic institution to organize a coherent and sustainable educational environment, implemented around clear objectives highlighting the diversity of the environment and fostering strong mobilization.

The CELP takes into considers each subject while including the socioeconomic dimensions of the institution, the community, the region and even more.

Conscious entrepreneurship is cross-cutting and the learning is integrated.  The academic subjects and the learning objectives in conscious entrepreneurship dovetail in order to put the children and adults in a situation where will emerge talents, passions, personal choices and identity, in school as much as in life.

The CELP is developed by the managers of the institution and the school-team. Partners (parents, organizations, entrepreneurs and other community stakeholders) can be invited to participate to the process. An institution will take 12 to 24 months to develop from 4 to 7 CELP socioeconomic sectors. The support service offered by the organization is structured, progressive and harmonious.

Examples of Conscious Entrepreneurship Learning Programs (CELP)

Saint-Joseph school (Saint-Joseph, Nouveau-Brunswick) has children at the primary and high school level committed to a CELP named T.R.A.C.E2.S2, which stands for Information technology, natural resources, arts and culture. The heritage, environment and services constitute economic sub-sectors.

The Complexe scolaire de la cité Vie nouvelle à Cotonou (Benin) has developed its CELP around access to water, nutritional self-sufficiency, or economic independence. They are interested in agriculture, health, urban environment, tourism/ecotourism and technologies.

At the Cavelier-de-LaSalle high school in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), the conscious-minded entrepreneurial teaching takes shape inside the conscious-minded entrepreneurship learning program (CELP). T.R.A.J.E.T.S. (trajectory) is the school CELP. It includes a set of different areas where the student learns self-development, how to undertake and innovate in a conscious-minded manner (Technologies; Resources for sustainable development; Art and shows ; Youth commitment; Economic and social oriented businesses; Community service; Overall well-being).