Roy J. Dove

Executive Director

For more than forty years, Roy has been working in the field of education and management, occupying numerous positions such as teacher, union leader, head of the Human Resources Department, arbotrator, head of School Organization and Transportation Department, amanagement consultant and lecturer at the Master’s level of management courses (University of Sherbrooke). He has a rich and vast level of university education both in English and French. He has a Bachelor degree (Queen’s University), two Diplomas in Education (Concordia University), a Master’s degree in Education Administration (University of Sherbrooke), he has completed the theory courses requirement at the doctoral level and he holds a Diploma in Management at the third cycle level of education (University of Sherbrooke). His areas of expertise include: individual and group coaching, optimization of performance (individual and organizational), analysis of organizational structures, practices and processes, development of an organizational culture of collaboration, systems thinking and learning organizations developing, effective communication, effective management strategies, dynamics of teamwork and developing competency.

He is recognized for his ability to exercise shared, focused and inspiring leadership as well as for his professionalism, his rigour, his organizational skills as well as for his ability to lead to successfully completed projects. He is also recognized for his human resources management skills and the ability to analyze and resolve problematic situations of a complexe nature by deploying innovative reforming and unifying strategies. He thoroughly enjoys carrying out projects and taking on challenges by working with people, developing a culture of learning, questioning and collaborating while targeting the development of the individual and collective skills of the people involved and paying attention to the development of skills for teamwork and last but not least, the development of both individual and collective self-efficacy.

Today, he has the privilege and the honour to be part of an extraordinary team called the OIECEC with whom he is pursuing the goal of creating a better future for young people and society in general both here and around the world.