Marc Giguère

School Governance Advisor

With a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy and a Master of Education at Université Laval together with a Public Relations certificate, Marc Giguère has over 30 years of experience in the field of education and school administration.

Throughout his career, he held positions of teacher, academic advisor, director of educational services, vice-principal and principal in primary and secondary level as well as lecturer for the graduate degree in school management at Université Laval that prepares future principals of educational establishments. Trainer and coach with school boards, he was involved as a co-researcher in a research funded by the Ministry of Education about pedagogical supervision and he is the co-author of two books on the pedagogical supervision of teaching staff.

While witnessing the extraordinary results of the implementation and development of the entrepreneurial community school on every stakeholders, he was especially impressed by the commitment of parents in school and the motivation of students in their projects and micro-businesses. He is convinced that such pedagogical model can ensure a higher success for students, a greater mobilization of the teaching staff as well as a positive implication from various community actors. For him, the dedication and leadership of the school principal is a necessary component to the success of the entrepreneurial community school. It is this conviction that brought him to be involved with Idea entrepreneurial education in order to help a growing number of school principal to implement this school model in their establishment.