Valérie Touchette

Conscious entrepreneurship pedagogical advisor

Passionate about human potential development and integration of technologies, Valerie helps people to “undertake their lives”. She has been involved in the field of education for over 10 years, first as a specialized teacher in second language, personal orientation project, exploration of vocational training and introduction to entrepreneurship, then as a pedagogical counsellor at the Première-Seigneuries school board where she offered support to educational teams.

The common denominator of these two professional experiences is her faith in personal development. Valérie believes it is important to encourage students to be more engaged to teachers to update their skills and methods.

In the eye of Valérie, entrepreneurship is a symbol of freedom, authenticity and creativity, three values that she carries and shares. Valérie has experience in information technologies as well as in sales and business development. She is the founder of SOYEZ en ligne that offers management and web marketing support services to businesses: website conception, content marketing, social media, newsletter, and marketing automation.