Manon Doré

Pedagogical development and creativity coordinator

Manon spent 17 years as a student, 12 years as a teacher and 21 years as a school principal, for a total of 50 years. She was involved in both public and private schools, at the elementary and secondary level, within Inuit communities in Northern Québec and the urban community of Montreal. Today, she lives in the Laurentian region and works in an area that serves both privileged and more disadvantaged neighborhoods. It is fair to say that Manon has a good knowledge of the education sector and the schools of Québec.

Over all these years, two things remained: Manon’s engagement and passion for education and educational communities.

Manon knows how to listen to the needs of each and every one, whether it be with children, in supporting their families or in assuming the leadership of a pedagogical team. Dreaming of a better school, even reinventing it, has always been a significant source of motivation for her. Collectively building a societal project for our children, targeting the strengths of each of the communities, gathering various partners and mobilizing them around an idea in order to develop and achieve it, this is what Manon contributes to do within the team of Idea entrepreneurial education.

She believes in education; she loves education and she wants to reinvent education!