Rino Lévesque

Founder and strategic advisor

Author and creator of the Entrepreneurial Community School (ECS), also known as CECS (Conscious entrepreneurial community school), of the Pedagogical and educational approach in conscious entrepreneurship (PEACE) as well as the concept of the school-community training partnership (SCTP), Rino Lévesque has been interested in educational innovation and entrepreneurship for more than 25 years. He worked initially as a teacher and then as a director and principal. This journey brought him to work throughout Canada in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Québec and New Brunswick.

Motivated by quality education and the idea that we must get off the beaten tracks in order to offer more, Mr. Lévesque is also convinced that it is possible to bring great dreams to life as soon as elementary school and throughout all school levels. Since several years, he has been supporting educational teams and committed partners towards the transformation of their academic establishment in ECS. In Québec when he was principal of École-des-Cœurs-Vaillant School, he transformed it into a successful entrepreneurial community school. In New Brunswick, he became Director of Transformation and strategic innovation within the francophone sector of the Department of Education and led a large-scale transformation process. Today, all in New Brunswick elementary and secondary francophone schools currently follow the ECS model.

Because of his inspiring leadership, he progressively received support from people and organizations in the educational sphere at both national and international level. His profound desire to make the ECS more accessible together with a growing demand for its implementation brought him to jointly found, with the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (Montréal, Canada), the international organization of conscious entrepreneurial community schools (OIECEC). Supported by many people, by the Québec Ministry of Education as well as by important businesses and higher education institutions, he then created the non-profit organization Idea entrepreneurial education, that works together with the OIECEC, which became its international division.

Rino Lévesque is an OECD international ambassador for youth entrepreneurial education. He is also an appointed member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum as well as an honorary member of the Rogers – J.A. Bombardier Chair of Entrepreneurship of the HEC-Montréal. He received prizes such as Educator of the year – (Association canadienne d’éducation de langue française – ACELF) and Socially responsible young entrepreneur (Montréal Chamber of Commerce). His ECS school system was awarded the Paul-Arthur Fortin prize for its outstanding contribution to the development of entrepreneurial skills in the province of Québec. It was furthermore recognized as an innovative, inclusive and best practice model by UNESCO as well as an Innovative School by Microsoft Corp.