André Savard

Leadership and International Programs Director

André has been involved in the franco-Ontarian education system for the apst 30 years. He successively assumed the position of teacher, pedagogical counsellor, program director and school principal. He worked in both elementary and secondary school communities and was in charge of the opening of two new schools. Over the last four years (2015-2019), he held a pedagogical leadership position within the Ontario ministry of Education and the Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques (CFORP).

He worked together with several school principals and pedagogical teams with the purpose of supporting the implementation of innovative projects. Those projects were focused on the development of skills, the transformation of pedagogical practices as well as the use of digital tools and resources.

Passionate about pedagogy and driven by participative and collaborative leadership principles, André strongly believes in the importance of a community school where students are engaged in authentical and significant projects. Projects that fit the needs and aspirations of today’s youth. As the Leadership and International Programs Director, André is passionate about leadership related issues, organizational transformation as well as principles associated with the Conscious entrepreneurial community school.