Benoît Boulerice

Conscious entrepreneurship advisor

After working 30 years with the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est-ontarien (CSDCEO), successively holding the positions of middle school teacher, pedagogical counsellor and principal at the elementary level, Benoit is now an educational consultant and offers support to new school principals.

Through a process of questioning, accompanies people as they evolve personally and professionally to achieve their goals. Having worked for ten years in a school that took an approach of positive behavioral support (soutien au comportement positif – SCP), Benoit underlines the importance of providing daily experiences of happiness in school. He cares about staff wellbeing and he encourages teachers to contribute towards increasing the school “happiness factor”. He is convinced that creating experiences of happiness on a daily basis foster student’s engagement and success.

During his last two years as school principal, Benoit was lucky to lead the implementation of the Conscious entrepreneurial community school model. He contributed to the development of the conscious entrepreneurship components while enabling students, teachers and community members to assume different roles (initiator, go-getter and manager). It is during those years that he further refined his key idea: the Yes power (le pouvoir du oui).

Convinced that students’ engagement, happiness and wellbeing are key elements that favor learning, Benoit got involved in bringing entrepreneurial education home with the online project J’ai une idée! S’entreprendre à l’école et à la maison that took place during the Covid-19. This project allowed him to deepen his understanding of the entrepreneurial approach and to better target the components that can be used in the classroom, both in person and with the use of technologies.