Empowering youth to take meaningful risks

English 15 May 2019

The Loran Scholars Foundation has recently launched a thought-leadership series on the theme of meaningful risk-taking. As a Loran alumna, I decided…

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Learning “to DARE”… is the first and foremost learning to take calculated risks

English 2 January 2017

The ability to take risks is the prerogative of many entrepreneurs. Many of them move forward with determination to achieve…

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Contributing to reduce school dropout and helping today’s school to be in harmony with its time: possible through the ECEC?

English 2 January 2017

The world in which we live is undergoing an important transition on all levels: social, economical and ecological. We know very…

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A CULTURE OF CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR ALL? Seeing the big picture, imagining how to do things, changing the world

English 10 December 2015

(Published in the French newspaper La Tribune) The world of education is looking for innovative ways for young people to…

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Let’s dare. The time has come.

English 30 November 2015

Today, everyone knows, school does not meet expectations of society, students or parents anymore. School is not well. Whereas we…

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Enhancing the expertise existing in the socioeconomic universe

English 20 February 2015

We know that an entrepreneur, just like entrepreneurial and innovative people, learn through action and, namely, through linking their reflection…

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English 6 February 2015

At the moment, on this Sunday in France, on TV, we are watching Heads of State and representatives as well…

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Empowering oneself, being entrepreneurial and creating innovation

English 30 January 2015

The idea of learning to empower oneself corresponds to a large extent to what others define as self-entrepreneurship. This means…

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Seeing challenges, taking charge of oneself and doing differently!

English 19 December 2014

Complexity of challenges is intensifying both in countries of the Northern hemisphere and of the Southern hemisphere. Such complexity is…

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Three fundamental reasons support the educational idea behind ECEC

English 3 December 2014

Here is the first of three blogs on 1) the school, 2) the community and 3) conscious entrepreneurship. Part one:…

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