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ECEC: a School, Parents and Socioeconomic synergy

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The Conscious Entrepreneurial Community School (ECEC) aims at, among other things, efficiently organizing the activities undertaken in classrooms and outside the classroom, through networking with the community and the parents and that is what we call the community dimension. The community also includes the persons, groups, institutions and businesses from the socioeconomic environment that participate to ECEC’s educational project. The community is comprised of everyone who contributes.

ECEC has developed progressively since 1991, first through the development and the practice of conscious entrepreneurial pedagogy in the high school classes.  In 1999, the name Entrepreneurial Community School (ECS) was adopted following the global organization of this pedagogy within a first Canadian public school, the École Cœur-Vaillant elementary school located in Québec. The name ECEC followed this and came from African educators in 2007. In 2011, we chose to use the name ECEC to describe our school-community system (community = socioeconomic environment). 

The first goal of ECEC is to motivate the children to come learn at school and to get better results in their basic school subjects: languages (French, English, etc.), math, sciences, arts and humanities (geography, history, etc.), economy and other school subjects required by the school districts in various countries. The second goal of ECEC, which is as important, is to answer to the future needs of our youth as well as today and tomorrow’s human environments. Being skilled, knowing how to empower themselves, undertake entrepreneurial projects and create innovation consciously, responsibly and independently constitutes the premise of learning at the heart of a conscious entrepreneurial culture.

These two goals within ECEC have fostered a philosophy, a school organization, a structuring learning program, a structured organic pedagogy and organized environments that engage partners to the benefit of a strong educational community. Their synergy therefore offers maximum possibilities to give a coherent response, efficient to the needs of children and adults when it comes to specific goals and beyond.

One of ECEC’s strong convictions is that it is possible for each child or adult to better succeed their studies and to learn globally, through a school-community system that involves them into thinking and undertaking projects at school, according to a full circle learning process.  


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