30 May

1st International Conference in Conscious Entrepreneurial Education: A success

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The 1st International conference in conscious entrepreneurial education, organized by OIECEC and the Réseau québécois des écoles entrepreneuriales et environnementales (RQÉEE) was a great success!  The main objective of this international event held at the Lévis convention center (Québec, Canada) from April 23rd to the  25th, 2014, was to promote and explain conscious entrepreneurial pedagogy and education.  Our goal is for this form of pedagogy to become a source of inspiration for many educators in Quebec, Canada and throughout the world.

With more than 500 people in attendance, including 130 youth from elementary schools and high schools, forums, conferences, school visits, workshops and other presentations made it so that this 1st conference was a great success very much appreciated by all who attended. Among the highlights, we have to mention the workshops offered by elementary and high school-aged students as well as many exhibits of entrepreneurial projects and micro-businesses supported by educators and presented during the Conscious Entrepreneurship Exhibition.

OIECEC was graced by the presence of representatives from Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Benin, Nigeria, Togo, New Brunswick and Quebec. Their attendance demonstrates the increasing interest of men and women of various countries, whether they are educators or interested citizens, towards specific education and training and this, as early as kindergarten.

While sharing the dream of such pedagogy through the Conscious Entrepreneurial Community School (ECEC) throughout the world, we would like to remind the reader that OIECEC proposes responsible and meaningful entrepreneurial pedagogy strategies that support the emergence of an education adapted to 21st century skills for children and adults of all ages.

This 1st conference was rich in conscious entrepreneurial pedagogy discoveries.  Many relationships were developed.  We really hope that these will contribute to the creation of innovative educational projects for the children here as well as those of the three continents that attended the conference. We are already anticipating a 2nd edition that could possibly be held in Montreal in May 2015.

A great continuance to all!


Rino Levesque

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