Testimonial Category: English

The entrepreneurial community school is an inspiring program that fully act on today's concerns, that is a quality Education for all serving community and sustainable development.

First person to be appointed Minister of Education of Québec

It is stimulating for students and rewarding for a society to have young people who dare take action by pursuing goals for the common good and recognition of those around them. They are empowered to act and contribute to create a better world !

Corinne Germain

Youth entrepreneurship consultant

The Entrepreneurial Community School is likely to become a strategic and governing framework between all actively engaged stakeholder of the community around the restoration of the project of the school for the 21st century.

Matthias Pépin

Ph. D. and postdoctoral intern on the entrepreneurial career

I think back on the way in which one approached the projects and the activities, and it is as if nothing was impossible ! The simple fact of reflecting upon all what we had achieved at such a young age gives me the motivation to continue, regardless of the difficulties, in the pursuit of projects that I'm passionate about today!

Alexane St-Amant

Former student of an Entrepreneurial Community School

In an Entrepreneurial Community School, one integrates teaching practices in entrepreneurship in order to make the pupils more autonomous, responsible and involved in their learning, so that they can make a difference in their community, school or beyond.

Julie Lavigne

Assistant director, Educational services, Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys

The greatest richness of a society lies in the development of the entrepreneurial potential of young people.

Louis-Jacques Filion

Distinguished Professor at the department of entrepreneurship and innovation, HEC Montreal