Caroline Goulet

Conscious entrepreneurship advisor

Passionate about pedagogy and driven by innovation, Caroline is always willing to overcome challenges. Enthusiastic, energetic and involved, she favors collaborative and cooperative work. As both a teacher and a pedagogical counsellor, Caroline combines her practical experiences with the newest educational research results.

As a practitioner, she taught various subjects to kids, teenagers and adults in a variety of context: reception classes in elementary schools, young adults with learning disabilities and adult francization. Caroline was at the heart of a pilot-project with presecondary students during which several entrepreneurial initiatives were undertaken and several community partnerships were created. She also implemented various monitoring and evaluation tools based of skills learning.

As a pedagogical counsellor, she was brought to create, conceptualize and write, in collaboration with a community organization, a new training program for the lower secondary level at the intention of students with learning disabilities. Among her skills one can find pedagogical innovation, guidance to change, project management, creation of partnership and transformation of practices.